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Consmetic Treatments

Skin Glow Therapy:

A Combination of cosmetic skin care, herbs and homepathy gives you a glowing Skin.

Dark Circle Reductions:

There are multiple Resoan of Dark Circle around the Eyes. The Treatments is combination of Undereye Peels and Treatment Regime of Homeopathy Medicines with Planning of Diet and Correction of Lifestyle.

Acne Spot Removal & Acne Prone Skin Treatment:

The treatment is combination of Microdermabrasion, And Homeopathy Medicine and the result are vary Long Lasting..

Wart & Sun Spot Removal:

Warts can be removed in a single sitting & recurrence can be prevented through Homeopathy. .

Hands , Feets, Bac:

Customized Treatments to make these Body parts more clean, Shining, Glowing And Soft, These Treatment are Combination of Microdermabrasion, Homeopathy, IPL. .5689

Hair Loss & Homeopathy:

Hair Loss is a common Problem result of Mutiple factors, like life style, work, profession, Hormones, Stress, Aging. Threat Hair Loss with individual analysis & treatment is combination of Homeopathy & diet planning. .

Skin Polising:

The skin polished by the process of Microdermabrasion and it removes outermost dead skin layer cells. And the skin becomes rejuvented with Glowing softness.


It is advanced painfree technology, it delivers light energy to the skin and collagen production is stimulated. It is the safe, easy and quick way to get rid of the lines, irregular pigmentation, open pores, freckles, red flush on the face nd ance marks.

Laser Skin Tightening:

The Skin Tightening, Breat Uplifting.

Laser Hair Reduction:

Pian Free Laser hair Reduction Process. It is a short Procedure, Effective for all Hair Types and skin Types. It is alos perfect for sensitive Area of face, Neck, Bikini, Commonly Six to Eight Session Are Required..


This is collagen Induction therapy based on the principle of Acupunture, Scars, Strech Marks, Wrinkle can be Treated Effectively. .