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About As

Dr Jagdish Bhatt
He has been practicing since 1971. Dr Jagdish Bhatt had his private clinic at Sagwara, in Rajasthan. His area of work was mainly respiratory patients. At sagwara he had worked from 1973 to 31 march 2013. He used to see patients of asthma, tuberculosis,respiratory problems.He has treated huge number of patients and enjoys loving affection of each of his patient.He is president of Kshetrapal annakshetra trust, this trust feeds more than hundered persons with free meal in khadagada village at rajasthan. He is now at ahmedabad Jashoda clinic and his consultation is available by appointment.

Speciality – asthma, tuberculosis, chest diseases, allergy.

Dr Jitesh Jagdish Bhatt


He is giving treatments since january 2000. He had multiple exposures in managing the patients. He has worked in the area of wellness as well as health. He has worked on physical , mental and spiritual wellness.

His experience :-

1999 -2006 - he assisted in management and follow up of more than 15000[ fifteen thousand patiennts of tuberculosis and asthma] with DR JAGDISH BHATT.

1999- 2006 – he started integrating homeopathy with mainstream medicine for pain management and symtomatic releif of the patient.

2000 onwards – he started teaching homeopathy students.

2005 onwards- he started giving cosmetic results with homeopathy.

2006 ahmedabad clinic inaugarated.

2011he had taken training in lasers, fillers, botox, mesotherapy, cosmetic treatments and started all the services in clinic.

2013 he has started conducting training workshops on aesthetics, homeopathy, and student training programmes.

Specialties - allergies, wellness, motivation, fitness planning, life style analysis, laser hair removal, pigmentation removal, mesotherapy.